Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mmm Bacon

I made two full packages of it bacon in the over for the first time ever (never going back to stove top cooking bacon - never, not ever!)... for the delicious potato soup that I made again...

I have not been doing much sewing, been pretty sleepy.  Still holding onto what ever it is that has been plaguing me... CH and the Shorties have been having a great time making fun of my voice.  I am getting a little tired of it and would like to yell at them all again some day soon.  At the moment I have to knock on walls or furniture to get their attention as they are collectively too noisy to hear me at all!

Tonight I am going to try to sew some zipper pouches, which has not gone very well for me in the past but I have found yet another tutorial and I am hoping this one will satisfy my overly fussy nature.  I often wonder - do the people who buy my stuff even notice how much attention I put into the little details.  I hope so.

Anyway, it is 9:41.  If I am going to do it.  I had best get on it.

:o)  Tina


  1. I do my bacon the same way, but line the baking sheet with foil first. Then all I have to do is let the grease cool and toss it in the trash. It's the easiest and best way I've ever cooked bacon.

    1. That is what I did too, the image in the post if from Pinterest. I line my baking sheet no matter what I am cooking - every little bit to make the clean-up quicker helps! ;)


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