Friday, May 6, 2011

Something Remarkable

My nephew DJ and his girlfriend Jennifer
On June 4, I will be making a trip with my beloved PITA, her husband and her son, to attend a 4D ultra sound to determine the sex of their baby and to meet her brother.  I am very very excited for both - especially to meet her brother.

DJ is 34 (?) and was given up for adoption when my brother in law was 17.  My mother in law tried very hard to keep him but it was not to be.  I am so very excited to welcome him to our family.  I have thought about him almost everyday since the day I found out about him and have often been brought to tears by thoughts of missing out on him and his missing out on us.

Thank you PITA for giving me two new family members on the same day!!  Amazing, exciting... there are no words for how lucky I feel. Much love to all three of you (and of course Noah and Trevor too), xo Auntie


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