Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday on Saturday Afternoon!

Honestly it was just one of those super busy weeks that fly by and then Saturday morning I am having my think time (in the shower) and wham! it hits me I missed Fill in the Blank Friday. SO imagine my surprise when I go to The Little Things We Do only to discover that Blogger was down and so there was a sub for Friday. These are her questions.

1.  If I had to use 3 words to describe why I am undoubtedly a  Davidson (that is my Mum's maiden name and so I am not really one)  they would be creative, slightly neurotic, emotional, and very optimistic (oops that is 4!).

2. Something that happened to me in life that initially seemed bad but turned out to be good was when I got a divorce.  I did not realize while in the relationship how much of myself I held back.  If I had stayed in the relationship - as much as I wanted to, to avoid being "divorced";  I would not be the me I am today and more importantly, I would not have so many of the things that are important to me just to mention a few:  the wonderful supportive husband I have now, my sweet, funny and amazing daughter, and, of course, PITA.

3. Something I inherited from my mom is my fierce loyalty, my creativity and my endless ability to love and support my children.

4. Something I inherited from my dad is my fabulous sense of humor, my determination (that is one word for it!), and my intellect.

5. My goal for this summer is to relax and spend time with my family, to work on my Etsy stuff, to read a vast number of really good books, to loose 20 more pounds doing lots of swimming at the lake.

6. The best thing about this week is that it is over and next week will be slightly less busy!

7. Something I couldn't give up if I tried is my sewing machine.  I cannot imagine not having the escape of creating something beautiful.

On another note, it was PITA's birthday yesterday so I made her a delicious cake that we all ate over at Grandpa's - of course I forgot to take a picture of the cake but I am making the very same one again for Grandpa's birthday on Thursday. I will try to remember to take some pictures then.

And because a post is not a post without a photo, here is the newly redecorated wall at the shop.  Looks great, doesn't it! (Thanks entirely to PITA)

Sugar Shack Quilting!
:o)  Tina


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