Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Wow, just squeaked this one in my the skin on my teeth!

1. From your childhood, what do you miss most about summer vacation?
This one is easy.  My Grandma.  We used to go out to her place at the Lake and stay for the whole summer from when school got out to when it started up again.  We ate cereal out of plastic cups out in the yard in the morning and spent the entire day at the beach .  It was magical.

2. Are you going anywhere on vacation this summer?
I am going to Vancouver to see my family - Sports Day 2011!!!

3. What foods do you like to barbecue?
Yummy.  Steak and Salmon.  Ooo and I make wicked potatoes in foil.

4. How do you celebrate the fourth of July?
I am Canadian.  We celebrate on the 1st!  Usually we go out to a park near by and enjoy music and cake and a small craft fair and the have a BBQ and watch the fire works.  This year though, we are going to a 40th birthday party for one of CH's cousins.

5. What’s your favorite beverage to drink in the summertime?
Hands down, Pepsi Slurpee from 7 Eleven. I have also been known to sip a Grower's Nectarine Cider or two...

6. What movie are you looking forward to seeing this summer?
Water for Elephants - I am a little behind the times. :o)

7. In the car: windows down or AC?
Totally mood dependant. If I am alone or with one of my girlfriends (especially on a road trip) and have the music cranked - windows down.  If I am with my family - AC.

8. Have you ever had a summer fling?
Married him. :o)  I think all the important relationships I have ever had with the opposite sex began in the summer but he is the one worth remembering.

9. Do you wear sunscreen?
I really do not have a choice.  I burn BAD.

10. Do you have any favorite summertime activities?
Swimming.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the water.  I am pieces.

Wow - fast answers.  Pewf, made it in before midnight!

:o)  Tina


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