Thursday, May 31, 2012

Half Broke Horses

by Jeannette Walls

I have not posted about a book in ages.  I think the last book I read worth posting about was The Help and everyone and their dog read and posted about that - right? Although just before I read this book I read Sister Wives which was okay, I suppose I could have written a post about that but to be honest I had nothing worth saying.  I really love the show, Sister Wives, on TLC and it answered a lot of questions about the people in the show but it is not a general interest book by any stretch.

I was stumped at what to read so I posted on my Facebook wall for suggestions and got lots, hopefully enough to get me through summer, it is after all the reading season. Often when you read one book it leads you to another, so I should be good for a while.
Half Broke Horses was really good in the same way that The Book of Negros and Middlesex were good.  I have decided that I do have a preferred genre for books - I like stories about people.  Not people in space ships or solving mysteries but about their everyday lives.  Having said that, I don't mind a little science fiction every now then - I am fascinated with mystical creatures and time travel. Historical fiction is pretty great too when it is telling the story of the lives of people in during that time, real or imagined.

So, I don't pretend to be a book critic or even a book clubber with a lot of insight and analysis of the books I read so I am am not going to go on about it but I will say, that this book is worth reading. It is an interesting story with few twist and turns that leave you shaking your head in wonder at the way people lived 100 years ago and how spoiled people are now.  There is no big dramatic event and nothing that is going to make you cry but you might chuckle a little and also be left shaking your head at how amazingly simple things were.

I am going to read The Glass Castle next, I am glad I read this first - read them both and you will know why. 

Happy reading!

:o)  Tina


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