Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo Shoot!

My Shorties (The Little Man, Penelope
and Mouth)
We (the Ihas family minus John plus a few PITAs of various shapes and sizes) had profession photos taken on Sunday.  You can see them all here (while you are peeking, you may as well like the page!), but these are a few of my very favorites.

Me and PITA together.  <3
My pretty little PITA looking all calm, cool, collected and beautiful.
One of PITA's little PITA's - looking ready for trouble as usual!
The littlest member of our family - LOVE this baby.  You might remember him from this post.
CH and his "big" brother - who just happens to be PITA's Dad.
PITA's hockey guys.
My kids and Noah goofing around.
A little more serious this time.  :o)
Awww.  It looks like we actually like each other.  Well, I guess we do sometimes.
This is everyone but PITA's Dad who had to leave early to fix a roof or some other  such reason.  From baby Hayden, Trevor (PITA's husband) Penelope, me, CH, Noah, The Little Man, PITA, and Mouth.  <3
Pretty awesome, eh?

:o)  Tina


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