Friday, May 18, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

girl smelling tulip
Penelope sitting still for 10
seconds so I can take her
picture. Literally 10 seconds.
Happy Friday! Thank Goodness these blanks are a little more cheerful (and I did not lose what I wrote, having learned my lesson to SAVE often! I suppose re-learn is more accurate.

I have a had a busy week. Last weekend was un-blogable - I was so busy with Silver City Days with CH, the Shorties, Mother's Day, etc.  Took a couple of great photos of the carnival and the park I was relaxing in while the shorties went on rides, check them out on Instagram.

We took it easier than we ever have on a Silver City Saturday and it went wonderfully.  We even made it to the fireworks - which we don't always due to being too tired from.

On Sunday we had a delicious brunch buffet at Cafe Americano - a little restaurant / coffee shop in our lovely little downtown.  While we were there an elderly gentleman gave my kids $20 for the fair.  They were so excited - Penelope especially as she had been begging us to go on more rides the whole time we were at the restaurant. It was so nice.  Random strangers practicing random acts of kindness.  :o)

Sunday evening we went to PITA's for a BBQ.  It was her last birthday ever (29th ppfft).  The food was excellent again, by the time I went home I felt like such a hippo.  I ate more on Sunday than I usually do in like three days!

photo memory quilt
Blocks for the memory quilt I have been commissioned
to make for my Aunt who is actually my second cousin's wife,
on my Dad's side.  (That one is for PITA - who is under
the impression that distant cousins don't count. :p)
Monday...  eeck...  CH and I had a bad parenting moment.  We were both really tired and sore and we did not drive our kids to school.  That's right.  They stayed home from school because neither of us could get it together to take them - or get them ready for that matter.  Stupid car accident did not pair well with the fair!!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Soccer, Smokies AGM, Piano, Soccer, sewing memory quilt blocks for Friday until 3 am....

This weekend will most likely be just as busy as last, although Saturday night is the only day that has a plan at the moment.

So, on with the blanks!

fill in the blank Friday
the little things we do

1. Something that is very near and dear to my heart is, my family of course. I place a lot of importance with my family - not only those who live in my house (or once did) but also the extended family - my parents and in-laws, my Aunts Uncles and cousins.  they are all very important to me.  I have always been very attached to family and have tried to teach my kids to be the same.

2. Today is good cause to celebrate. Any day everyone is above ground, healthy, and content is a reason to celebrate!

manning park Rhododendron forest beautiful British Columbia
Photo from Birding by Shantzy, you can see more lovely photos
of the Rhodos there.  It is really beautiful and worth checking
out if you are driving through Manning Park in the spring. 
3. The most fun I ever had was... I have had SO much fun I honestly can not pick one thing. When I was 19 (20 years ago!!) I lived with three of my friends for about 5 months and it was non-stop fun.  Seriously.  We never stopped having fun - well I didn't anyway. The summer of 1995 I drove from my home in North Vancouver to Christina Lake every weekend and it was really really fun as well - lots of quality time with my Grandma on what would be her last summer and lots of party and beach time with my friends. Specific days? Probably days with Surely. We once went on a road trip from Vancouver to visit the Rhododendron Forest in Manning Park.  It took us two and half hours to get there and 14 to get home.  The two full on family vacations that CH and I have taken the kids on were also really fun.  Both times we visited some of my amazing family and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  I honestly cannot pick one thing or one time.  I have been blessed in the fun department - possibly due in part to my ability to always see a silver lining.  I can think of a couple of times that I ran out of gas or the car broke down and it ended up being really fun...

4. True friends are the ones where no topic is off-limits and you can always pick up where you left off even if there's a time lapse between visits. The people who understand you and accept you - the good and the bad - and love you unconditionally.

5. Something that makes me terribly happy is quality family time (like most of this last weekend). I LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time with CH and the shorties (especially at the beach or camping which is coming up soon!! Yeah!!).

6. A good way to spend a sunny day is SITTING ON THE BEACH!!! There is no other acceptable way to spend a nice sunshiny day. Well, I suppose swimming or waking at the beach are okay too. :o)

7. My favorite celebratory food is turkey - well stuffing and gravy, really but you can't have one without the other. My Mum make the best turkey, gravy and stuffing in the Universe. Hands down no contest.

Well, that's the blanks!

Have a super fabulous weekend!

:o)  Tina


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