Thursday, May 10, 2012

Toot Toot (But Not the Kind You Think)

This is me with PITA- I am the taller one
with the enormous double chin and the
perfectly smooth, thank you very much,
hair. Toot Toot.
PITA has taken to calling me Tootie because I like to "toot" my own horn.  It's true.  I sometimes do - but only when it is something worthy of a toot.  It is not like I go around bragging and talking about how great I am all the time (I really don't - I am so not like that) - it is only when I am proud of something or happy with how something turned out.

For example, my hair on picture day.  LOVED it.  It was so smooth and shiny.  I have wavy, light brown hair.  Until I was about 30 I had pin straight medium to dark blonde hair - it has been adjustment to say the least and because they are so much harder to come by now, I really LOVE a good hair day. (PITA straightened it and my friend Jessie coloured it for me a few days before so it was not all me.  I am a firm believe that you give credit when credit is due and will not ever take credit when it is not mine to take!)

I also toot my own horn on an regular basis, somewhat indirectly, by talking about how awesome my shorties are.  How beautiful, smart, kind, considerate, and funny they are.  They are so freakin' amazing. I made them that way (although not single handedly) so, Toot Toot.

Another thing I toot my own horn about is sewing.  I am good at, and I have been designing things from my head a lot over the last year or so and I get excited.  I just cannot help myself.  So the other night, I started an Etsy shop to list some of what I make for sale.  I listed an owl bag at 11:30 at night, it sold by morning.  Can you say Toot Toot?! I am pretty excited about that.  It is such a compliment when people buy the things I create, a pattern or a finished item, it just feels so good! So Toot Toot - and THANK YOU!

The fair is in town this weekend for our annual Silver City Days festival.  I am hoping to get some good pictures of all of the colours and lights and the excitement the shorties are bound to be exuding.  I am also looking forward to Mouth having some fun for a change rather than spending all of his time in his room playing video games. Jerk.

:o)  Tina


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