Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fill in Blank Friday on a Saturday Morning

So Lauren over at the little things we do had a baby a while ago and has been a little less on the ball with the blanks so I decided I would go back and do the ones that I missed before I discovered them - turns out I am not on the ball (although I do sit on an exercise ball rather than chair) either because it is Saturday and I am filling them in!

These are (from what I could tell) the first ever blanks.  Here goes...

1. Today I am feelinglot of different things. I am excited because I got a job yesterday outside of the shop and (as you know) we really need some extra income. I am also nervous about finding room in my already busy schedule for said job without loosing and of the important part of my life. The worst part, I am feeling resentful because I feel alone - I know CH can't really work, but I feel like he should.  I know it is wrong to feel this way so I guess I also feel a bit guilty. I also feel happy because I am going to be getting a pay cheque, experiencing new things and I work way better when I am busy so I will most likely get more done not less - and you know, a change is as good as a rest and this is my year to get back on top of the pile!!

2. If I were you I'd write me a comment!! I love comments and get them so rarely. When I do, they are so treasured!!

3. Love is: all things. If it is unconditional (which I am so, so blessed to have) it is uncomplicated and reliable, sweet and sometimes a little trying.  But it is so wonderful and amazing to have unconditional love - and I am so lucky to married to a man who has that ability. :o)

4. I always use the bathroom before leaving the house. My Mum always made us go before we went anywhere and it is something that has totally stuck with me. As soon as I think about leaving wherever I am (home, work , and friend or family member's house) I feel the urge.

5. I feel prettiest when I'm wearing something new. Doesn't even really matter what it is - new clothes are my fav.

6. If I had a million dollars I'd pay off my mortgage and rent out my house and buy another one in the my parents's neighborhood, which is the neighborhood I grew up in. I never thought I would want to but the last couple of years have changed my mind. When I was growing up I always thought I would want to live in the neighborhood that I live in now... yet another example in my life of my not being careful what I wished for!

7. I'm looking forward to this summer and owning a trailer! We have been looking, our budget is small, our expectations are small but our plans are BIG!!

I have another post for you for today - I am going to do it separately because it is something I made and I need to list it on Etsy first, it is already on Facebook if you just can't wait.

Have a super fabulous day.

:o) Tina


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