Saturday, June 2, 2012

Panama Pants Bag

This bag is totally out of my comfort zone! It is much brighter and more flamboyant than the things I usually create, but I like to try to work outside of my boundaries a little. I feel it helps to expand my creative horizon to try colour and pattern choices I might normally shy away from. Besides that, I think Nag added it to the pants this use to be to the bag when we went on our shopping spree at the CDS Thrift Store - I am glad that she did because, honestly these where not suitable pants for this town. Maybe Florida, not here. 

I remembered to take a picture of the coat that I used for the lining but alas, not the pants.  I need to take the pictures AS SOON AS I BUY THE ITEM maybe even in the store because once they are home they get washed and dried and put into a pile awaiting transformation.  At night when I sit down to sew I take something off the top of the pile, if it inspires me I cut it up right away and get going and then once I start to sew I think  - CRAP! I FORGOT AGAIN!!! 

The flower on the front of the bag is one of Nag's creations, she has herself a nice little Etsy shop going.   She has a few flowers up but she put me in charge so it might take a while to get them really going.  I tend to be a bit fussy - even when it is not my own stuff.  She made the one of this bag for me using scraps from the exterior and interior of the bag and a pretty clear crystal button. The bag closes with a loop over a lime green button - I thought about putting an orange one on but opted out of that as there is already a lot (although, not too much) going on with this bag.

There is a pocket inside the bag big enough for a cell phone, your keys and lipstick - and maybe one of those travel sized packages of tissue. The bag measures approximately 11 1/2" tall and 14 1/2" wide. The strap is 33" long. 

Tonight I will begin another.  I have a really nice one with a black velvet bird that is waiting for hardware to arrive from eBay - it is driving me nuts.  I prefer not to wait when given a choice. 

If you want to make this bag yours, you can get it on Etsy!

:o)  Happy sewing!!  



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