Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This is what it looks like.
Usually this time of year in the Kootenays it is sunny and bordering on unbearable hot.  This year it has been rain, rain and more rain... the river is higher than it has been since 1968 and there are floods and slides all over the province. It is crazy but we are not letting that stop us in our new trailer!!

This is what it is supposed to look like.
CH has already headed up to Champion Lake to set up our spot and make sure that we have one - even with the lousy weather it is a long weekend after all and in Canada we love, love, love our summertime long weekends. I am so looking forward to it but am a little worried that I will not be able to blog at the same pace that I was throughout the summer as we head into the wilderness  - and the electricity free zone.  That means less blogging and less sewing - but more reading, relaxing, and hand work.  Very excited to recharge my batteries this summer - rain or shine.

 :o)  I will try for at least one more post this week... I have not even been on Pinterest in days, except on my phone and that doesn't count!

Have a wonderful Canada Day weekend!!

:o)  Tina xxxooo


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