Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Camping in the Rainy Woods

During the day - and sometimes when I go to bed at night - I think of a thousand interesting blog posts.  In the evening when I sit down to write them - they are gone.  So, you are left with some nice shots of my rainy weekend in the woods.  :o)
My shorties fishin' in the crik.  :o)
The Little Man caught actual fish in his butterfly net!  I was pretty amazed.
if you can call this little guy an actual fish....
This is the photo we took so CH could see, he was the last one to be released back into the lake.  There was one that was a bit  bigger, but there were all just babies.
Grass growing out of a log that was floating in the creek near where the little fish was caught.  Champion Lakes is such a beautiful and peaceful place.
The weather was kind of the pits (but we still had fun!).  This was taken at about 2 in the afternoon but it looks like the evening!  About 2 minutes after this the rain was coming down in buckets and the three of us got soaked.
A couple of the frogs my shorties caught (and released).  They caught at least 4 a day in varying sizes.  It seems like there are more of them this year.  Maybe it is all the rain we have been getting or maybe they are just not hiding out yet.
CH - determined to have a fire even in a rain storm.
(Not necessarily a good picture - but a funny one!)
We found ways to amuse ourselves even in the rain...
This one is a keeper for sure!
I had a wonderful Canada Day weekend - despite the weather.  How was your weekend?

:o) Tina


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