Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where to Begin....

I have been so busy lately.  Not just regular busy but super extra busy.  I got a job.  You know, in addition to the shorties, the shop, CH, and the menagerie of creatures that lives with us, I got a job.  A real, pay cheque every two weeks job.  So  far, meh.  I like it enough and my boss is very flexible - so that means the job is, which is an absolute must for me.  It is doing bookkeeping, which is, sort of, what I do.  It's what I did before I did everything that I do now.  But it does not feel like me.  I guess that is how everyone who has an actual job feels.

In addition to the new job, school is of course out and I am a little obsessed with spending time with the shortest of the shorties before they get too tall.  The shop is closed Monday and Saturday for this very reason. I am also participating in a farmer's market type event every second Friday here in Trail.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned it.  I have been trying to sew something new for that each time.

Last week I sewed six Buttercup Bags.  All a little different but they look as if they belong to a collection - I like to name everything I make so I called these A Trip to the Orient and gave them each a day, from 1 to 6.  Haven't taken pictures of all of them yet but there are the first two.  I had this big piece of Asian fabric that seemed perfect for this pattern.  I made one with pink lining (shown), one with turquoise, one with Buddha (the only one that has a new home) and one with a green band and matching green lining; one with Buddha on the outside and purple satin inside (shown) and then one in a totally different, but still Asian print (I called it day 6).

I have also been working on keeping the owl populated which is always fun. The little ones seem to be a hit - I haven't even had the opportunity to name some of them before they found homes. A few of them are available for sale in my Etsy shop, once the Market is over in the fall, I will list everyone who is still waiting for their forever home but for now they are living in my vintage craft fair suitcase.

I made another owl bag, that I did not love.  I left CH alone at the market for an hour and took The Little Man to the doctor and he sold it along with a baby owl and a few other odds and ends.  He is a way better sales person than me.  I am good at making but not to keen on selling.  I want everything I have created with my hands to have a home where it is loved so I do not encourage anyone. Ever.

I joined a block swap. This post is about me. :o) I was a little worried that the lady I sent the block too would think it was too much... I have a tendency to over do it whenever possible. She seemed to like it and posted lots of pictures on the Block Swap Blog. Check it out - and if you are a quilter, join in!! I received my block in the mail yesterday and it was thrilling (and well sewn with quality cotton fabrics).

I am using my own computer for my new job and had to 'restore to factory default' on the advice of the Mouth (who is in Calgary right now - I will post about that too in a minute).  It is kind of nice.  I found lots of photos  that I had not seen in ages.  Like this pre-Penelope Santa picture from the first Christmas we were a family - 2002.  So strange, seems like not much has changed but all three of these guys are almost taller than me, the Little Man at 10 bringing up the rear and being above my shoulders.  Crazy.

Okay, now you see. I am a busy lady and even more so in the summer. I am going to leave this post and pre-write about The Mouth being in Calgary for you to read another day. I might also post a few more things that I have made past and present. What I really should be doing it working on my still enormous UFO list....

:o) Tina


  1. I love my Buddha bag (the one with the purple lining), and so do several random people who've commented on it.

    1. That's so great to hear! It is always nice to know that people love the things they have bought from me - it is such a huge compliment! :o)


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