Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Day Away Part 1

I am not sure what it is about my relationship with CH that keeps us from getting along but it seems like we just can't. Every little thing sets him - us? - off into an argument. We cannot even seem to have a nice day away at the beach without some squabble over some real or imagined thing.

Today started nicely. We are all in the truck heading toward out destination. Taking the long way. Looking at the overflowing river. There is a motorhome in front of us going slow. I say "Steve" while holding onto the sissy bar and he goes off because he finds it 'very offensive' when I criticize his driving. Really? Some of the times when I call something to his attention he hasn't actually seen whatever it was - both times he has gotten me into an accident I was looking at my phone and then all of a sudden I am wondering WTH and sitting in a smashed up car. I guess I should be looking at the road now and working on not being mad at him for being an a#%£*le and try to enjoy the rest of my day.

:/ Tina

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