Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Day Away Part 3, The Final Post

Today we:

1. Got in an argument about nothing.

2. Had a nice Sunday drive.

The view from some random road in Salmo, BC. It was beautiful.
You could see really really far down the valley toward Nelson.
3. Spent some quality time as a family.

4. Swam in a nice warm, clean, crystal clear lake.

Rosebud Lake.  Near the Nelway boarder crossing at the
bottom of the Salmo-Creston (aka Kootenay) Pass. This picture makes it
seem big - it is barely not a pond.
5. Talked to some nice people that we seem to run into in the most random places at the most random times.

6. Caught some painted turtles.  (Well, the Little Man and a whole lot of patience caught some turtles.  The first one escaped. The second one, I helped get out of the net before it could swim off.  They are fast and strong and their claws are really sharp!)

The white thing in the water is the reflection of a cloud,
the small yellow dot in front of him is a turtle. The water in this lake is
beautiful.  This is The Little Man waiting with more patience than I can muster
up in a year for the turtle to come to him.  Funny thing is, they did!
Who knew turtles were curious?  I never would have thought it.

This is CH's hand.  I couldn't reach to hold him like this and the only other way
to hold him was upside down like a drink tray or he could reach you with
his super sharp claws.  He was mad and hissing.
We let him go after about two minutes - just long enough for a photo op.
7. Talked about missing The Mouth (I still need to fill you in on that

8. Visited the flood sites in Castlegar, BC. &Amazing, the river is totally taking over. The beach at our local Gyro Park is nonexistant. My Dad said the last time it was this high was 1968!

9. Had a super yummy dinner at Boston Pizza.

Now I am home, blogging, weary, and a little sun burned.  But happy and looking forward to our next family adventure.

:o)  Tina


  1. Love the turtle picture. It would be fun to find one when I was out.

    1. It is really fun Richard - but they are much stronger and more aggressive than you would think!


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