Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Birth House

by Ami McKay

The Birth House is the story of Dora Rare, the first daughter to be born in five generations of Rares. As a child in an isolated village in Nova Scotia, she is drawn to Miss Babineau, an outspoken Acadian midwife with a gift for healing. Dora becomes Miss B.’s apprentice, and together they help the women of Scots Bay through infertility, difficult labours, breech births, unwanted pregnancies and even unfulfilling sex lives.

Filled with interesting and surprising details, The Birth House is an entertaining tale of the struggles women have faced to have control of their own bodies and to keep the best parts of tradition alive in the world of modern medicine.

I enjoy reading about people and that aspect of this book did not disappoint me in the least.  It was, overall, a good book, I would give it a 4. Not sure than I would read it again, glad I did, wasn't sorry to read the last page.

Happy Reading!

:o) Tina


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