Friday, October 28, 2011

So Much for Knights in Shining Armor.

So you all know I love my husband, right?  He is sweet and kind and has a dorky sense of humour that you cannot help but laugh at.  The thing is though that he is not good with pressure and therefore not always the best person to go to for help if you need the help right then.

So this morning I dropped him off at "work" (he sometimes drives cars for a rental company that GP use to own) and went to Tim Horton's for tea (yummy) and happened to notice that the car was pretty much out of gas.  (My fault, I used it all yesterday and never asked him to fill it up - which he would have done.)  So I go to the gas station near the Tim Horton's, go in and pay for the gas, come out and I cannot get the freakin' gas cap off!  So I call CH, I am by this time very close to tears as I HATE not being able to take care of myself - and he yells at me!

The tears break free and start coming out of my eyes horizontally, like I am some kind of crazy crying cartoon lady with my silly red car and my giant orange scarf.  I pretty am sure I was a sight to be seen.  So my stupid iPhone (which I actually love) drops the call and I am trying to get this freakin' gas cap off and feeling stressed and crying like a giant 38 year old baby and he calls back and is not helpful at all and tells me basically that it is too bad I will have to figure it out because he is in Fruitvale already and he has to be in Fernie by 11:30 and blah blah blah.

I am hurt and very unimpressed.  Even though I am a strong (mentally not so much physically) capable woman I am not above sometimes needing my husband's help.  Today was one of those times and he did not come through for me.

Sometimes a girl just needs a knight in shining armor - I think I will call my Dad.

:0/  Tina

P.S.  I risked it and drove home with next to no gas.  I think I can make it to work but that might be it.  I really am going to call my Dad!


  1. Oh man, I hate when that happens. I'm the same way... usually when I need my husband for tasks I can't do, he too is working... grrr!~

  2. I've had that happen--my husband filled the tank up on the car last & did the old "give it one more twist" to make sure it was on tight. NO WAY could I get it off!! In my case, I was fortunate that a strong male with strong hands happened along and was able to unscrew it for me. Whew!!

    Now my husband has to frequently work in a town about 45 minutes away and can't come to my oldest (a boy), is a mechanic. I never knew how WONDERFUL it would be having a son who is a mechanic. Forget this doctor stuff. I LOVE having a strong mechanically minded son!!


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