Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 Things That I am Thankful For

#1.  My healthy, happy, well adjusted, intelligent, beautiful children.

#2.  A warm dry safe place to come home to when so many others in the world cannot say the same.

#3.  My sewing machine as it helps me with the creative process.  It is easy to work when you have good tools.

#4.  My lap top, even though it is a huge time waster as I am a total internet junkie and don't want to change that.

#5.  Tetley Tea.

#6.  My dogs and cats.  I love their love.

#7.  My ability to live in my bubble.  I can be happy and carry-on even when the going gets tough.

#8.  April Fresh Downy.  Serious.  It smells so freakin' good!

#9.  Broadway Fast French Illusions Nails, Style #00383.  I do not care if they make my nails thin and squishy, I have not gone without them in years and don't plan to.

#10.  TV.  I love watching TV.  I have it on when I am sewing  - or blogging.  I would not want to think about living without it - it would be so quiet once the kids were in bed...  Right now I like to watch Parenthood, Hoarders, The Dog Whisperer, and Sister Wives (love the wives!).


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