Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

This morning we are heading to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia for a one month memorial for the for my cousin who passed away from cancer.  I am looking forward to the trip, even though it is not for the most cheerful of reasons as I think a celebration of Jason is in order!

Here are the blanks, I will fill them in on the road and post them when I get there - or when I get home on Sunday.
the little things we do
1. My current obsession is  my family.  Not just my family that lives in my house but my exteneded family.  I think in part because one of my cousins died of cancer on August 30th and it is always an eye opener when there is a tragedy in your family. 

2.My children make me happy.

3. My greatest strength is my ability to live in a happy bubble

4. My ability to live in a happy bubble is also is my greatest weakness.

5. My life is amazingly wonderful and I am so, so greatful for everything that I have, everyday.

6. In high school I was popular (at least during the second half). I was voted best party person in Grade 12.  My parents were not thrilled but I was pretty happy about it!

7. When I'm super tired I act like a loonatic.  I ramble on and giggle and then crash hard and fast.

Have a fabulous weekend.

:o)  Tina


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