Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Pattern...

You can purchase this pattern on ETSY.
I don't talk about my creative side here very often.  I don't have a reason for that, I just don't. Maybe because my blog has become my place to vent or cheer or rant or even just to think things through.

Once in a while I have some ideas that I hope are good enough to share.  I love snow is one of them.  Hope you like it!

I really do love the snow.  When we have a sales rep visiting PITA always has to contain me when it comes to purchasing snowflake fabrics.  I love snowflakes.

I recently made a batch of paper snowflakes using those paper doilies old ladies put under cookies.  When they are hung up (at home or in the shop) I will post a picture for you, so you can see what I mean.  They turned out really nice.

So on the family front, PITA has made her escape from the hospital, without the baby.  He is going to be there for another little while due to some minor complications - nothing serious, don't worry.  I was surprised that she came home without him.  I am not sure what I would have done with a three year old waiting at home for me - I think I would have stayed at the hospital and tried to get out on a day pass.  I cannot imagine not spending the night with my baby.  Having said that, when the Little Man was three and Penelope was born, we were use to spending the night away from each other because he often slept over at my parents and he went to Christina Lake every second weekend or so with Dave. He was very independent and I am not sure if Big Brother PITA has the same independence as the Little Man did.  Whatever the case may be, everyone will be home in a few days and this will become a memory that has nothing to do with everyday.  I am so excited for Little Brother PITA to be home so I can hug him and kiss him and smell him and look at all his little fingers and toes.... sigh... I love babies and when they are members of my family it is so much the better!

:o) Tina

P.S. I am also excited for everything to get back to the new normal cause I really miss PITA.  She has been tired and nauseous non-stop for like nine months and I miss having her around as her self.  If you are reading this - thank you again PITA for the baby!  I love you!  :o)


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