Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I am so tired. I have been buring the midnight oil lately and cannot seem to drag myself to bed before 1 am and I have to get up at 7:30 so sometimes that is a bit of a challenge. I have been working on samples and getting projects done for the shop. I cannot sew fast enough to keep up with the ideas I have!

The sun is shining here today - it kind of seems like forever since we had a nice day. It is usually really hot in this part of the world by now, but not this year. I remember when I was a kid, before there was AC everywhere, back in the days when we drank from the hose, being so hot during the last couple of weeks of school that I could barely hold my pencil cause my hands were so sweaty. Childhood summers where the best...

Okay so on with the list.  I am writing this last - as an after thought- I am a perfectionist.  It was extremely difficult for me to answer these questions as in my mind, perfect is VERY very hard to achieve.  Enjoy. :o)

1. What’s the perfect meal?
As previously mentioned, I love to eat so food is not the issue it is more the company I eat with that makes a meal perfect. I love big get togethers or family dinners when everyone is there.

2. What are the perfect pair of shoes?
I once had a pair of Nine West Cloud Nine wedge sangles that where magnicifant. Like walking with matteresses on your feel. I loved those shoes so much and wore them until they were really, really beat up. The best shoes ever.

This is kind of a loaded question today as I was just at the doctor about my feet and she said that I had to get better shoes so my feet will not hurt so much so often.  In the morning, I have to hold onto the wall to get down the stairs before they "warm up" and are okay to walk on... onto eBay I go... poor me, having to buy new shoes!

3. What is the perfect afternoon?
A beautiful day at the beach with my family. Or a day when my house is nice and clean with my family all doing their own thing (me sewing and watching HGTV with Tetley), I especially love this when it is snowy or rainy.

4. What’s the perfect house?
Big open kitchen with a table to eat and an Aga, lots of spacious bedrooms with attached baths so that everyone can have their I started to write all of these material things about a house and then it occurred to me.  The perfect house is a home.  My home.  Where everything is always okay, tears are rarely shed, and love is given freely; where I always feel safe and comfortable and most of the time, at the very least, content.

Our home.  Dominic's first day of Kindergarten September 2007.
5. What is the perfect outfit?
I do not really know the answer to this question (see below and above).  I love comfy clothes for home and would love to look fabulous in cute vintage styled dresses - alas I do not, therefore my perfect outfit eludes me.

I love these little waisted big skirt dresses that SO DO NOT suit my body type. Sigh...
6. What’s the perfect wedding song?
I am so black and white.  Answering questions about perfection is very difficult for me.  I am a perfectionist and if I do not have an immediate answer then I think it is because I do not know the perfect answer...  the first thing that comes to mind is "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden.  I have a cousin who got married a short while after I did (the first time) and that was their wedding song and I can still remember that so it must have been a be good choice. :o)  I love you Tegan! xo

7. What is the perfect job?
My job would be perfect if I made more money doing it!  I do not expect to be rich but not having to worry would be nice.  It is the perfect mix of business/family/creative and allows for growth in any way I choose to grow and the freedom to be there for my kids at the drop of a pin.

8. What’s the perfect hairstyle?
I am not much into hair.  Right this minute I am wearing a ponytail with my sunglasses as a headband to keep the fly aways in.  I have had the same long straight (although as I age it is becoming less than straight) hair since I was about 16 (22 years people!!).  The only change has been the length of my bangs (and the colour - it was once blonde as gets darker every year).  They have been long for a long time but when I was young and adventurousness I had them long then short then long then short (you get the idea).  In high school they were short, curled, back-combed and hair sprayed like crazy on the weekends. So the perfect hair style - illusive. :o)

9. What’s the perfect music festival?
I have not been to a music festival in years.  I went to the original Lilth Fair a two of the three times it happened ( I was in Italy for the first one and it was fabulous!!) and really loved that - but it was more about having fun with my friends than anything else.

10. What’s the perfect day to yourself?
I honestly don't know.  I can't imagine it and when I am home alone for a couple of hours I feel lonely and I want my kids to come home...  wow heh?  I am such a sap!

Happy Tuesday.  I hope the sun is shining for you, wherever you are.

:o)  Tina


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