Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Hopefully the weather is nicer where you are than it was here today...rain, rain, rain.  Hopefully someone, somewhere around this town is building an arc cause I am way too busy.  I might drowned but at least I know the human race will be saved.

1. How do you pronounce the word aunt? Does your pronunciation rhyme with ‘haunt’ or ‘can’t'?
I suppose, can'tie.  :o)

2. Do most of the people in your life know you blog? Or are you partially or totally anonymous?
A few people know but only those who I feel comfortable enough with that they already know that I am a little nuts.  I want people to read it but I feel shy about letting them know it is there to read.  Silly, I know.

3. When you grocery shop, do you prefer to bag your own groceries or do you like it when the store bags them for you? Paper, plastic, or reusable bags?
I want the store to bag them for me.  I find it rude when they don't and I try not to shop at the store that doesn't. I like to use my own bags whenever I can as we have hundreds of the suckers already and really only use them for dog poop and other icky things.

4. Do you have a green thumb?
I think so, but it is very out of practice.  I use to be all about the garden, I have had indoor and outdoor plants since I was 20 and have tried all kinds of crazy thing.  I tried grafting a fruit tree once and successfully propagated roses with rooting hormone. Now it is all I can do to keep the house plants looking good - it is the shop and the kids not a lack of interest that keeps me out of the garden.

5. If you watch the Food Network, which chef/show host is your favorite?
Never watched it - and wouldn't cause I am pretty sure it would just make me hungry...

6. Do you like to take baths? Do you take them very often?
Yes I do, almost every Sunday.  Every other day of the week I am busy and rushing (i.e. showering, no time for a bath) but Sunday I can relax.  If I had a hot tub I would do that instead, but I don't, so it will have to do for now.

7. What color are the walls in your kitchen?
Beige, tan, suede.  A mellow colour... well they will be soon.  Right now they are (bleck) white.

8. Do you prefer to dine outdoors or indoors?
Indoors for sure.  I am not a big fan of eating outside unless it is civilized (i.e. my parents' patio or a nice outdoor restaurant) but even then, one bug and I am turned off and want to go in.

9. Describe your ideal weather.
Warm but not hot - around 25.  I love the Spring and the Autumn here in the Kootenays because that is the weather I get.  I am not sure which I like better, probably the Spring because everything is coming alive rather than dying or going to sleep like in the Autumn.  Summer is too stinking hot and Winter is too icy - I don't mind the snow but I could live without the slip!

10. If you could learn any foreign language, which would you choose to learn?
Italian.  Hands down. I know a few words and I know a few people who speak it more fluently than English.  I went to Italy in 1997 and would love to go back and be fluent.

Today is still Monday to me, I am just heading to bed.  I took some belly pictures of PITA today and the Little Man snuck in. Pretty stinkin' cute.  They have the same green eyes and are pretty close to the same height and almost 20 years apart (I think he has bigger feet).  My baby and my niece - aren't they so stinkin' cute?

:o) Tina


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