Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am so guilty of doing what so many of us do - by us I mean crafty types.  I saw something and rather than buying it and showing my appreciation to the person who made it, I bought the supplies and went home and made my own. I do buy things - I bought this super cute felt robin the other day. I know I could make it, but I know I wouldn't and it is so super cute.
Purchased from SeaPinks on Etsy

As a crafter - both in spirit and profession - I feel it is very important to support other crafters so that they may continue to do what they love and maybe, hopefully, even make a living of sorts doing it.  If there is something you see that you like that you could make but probably wouldn't - for crying in the sink just buy it all ready!

So here is my super simple little project - you will see why it was a do-it-yourself project.  Perhaps if I did not know how to sew at all...

:o) Tina


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