Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Okay.  Need to vent.

I really want a puppy. (We really want a puppy - but I am the only one doing the work to get a puppy - and that is a whole other post right there!)

In August our sweet (yet annoying) Pierre passed away peacefully in his sleep.

We had been thinking about adding a puppy to our family already, but his passing made it feel more urgent.  I really miss his talking to me (although I did not always appreciate it when he was here), and keeping my feet warm on the ottaman while I sew, and sitting at my feet waiting for things to 'fall' while I cook.  He was so smart and snuggly and funny... :(

Anyway, CH and I agree that all of our pets have just kind of come to us because they needed homes.  We thought getting a rescue would be good for us. Holy molly its like pulling teeth! They want to know ever detail of your life, references, photos, a home visit.... and then the one that I have been talking to - which is a small dog rescue - says oh, you are kind of far away.  Sorry but no.

Backyard breeders, here I come. :(



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