Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 Days of Pinterest, Day 24

I may have mentioned before, that since we went on our summer vacation, I have been really focused on (bahahaha - I am never REALLY focused on anything!) de-cluttering and organizing so today I did a bit of that.

One of the things I did was fill (another) box to take to the thrift shop.  This one with (gasp) china and glass wear.  I am a terrible hoarder when it comes to these (and many other) things.  I have already taken one thing out of the box... To be fair, there is a lot in the box and I plan to put even more into it.  :)

The other thing I did was clean out my pots and pans cup board and hang my lids, I got the idea from Pinterest of course.

So hopefully I will continue to make some progress.  I need to de-clutter so I can move on to the next step - taking out a wall or two...
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