Friday, October 4, 2013

31 Days of Pinterest, Day 4

OMG! Seriously.  Sometimes I even frustrate me!

Today I decided for my 31 Days of Pinterest I would make some blog improvements from my Board, Blogs for Bloggers.  I have so much crap pinned on there I knew (thought) there had to be something I could use today, quickly, and still make something yummy for dinner. But nope.

I decide to update my social networks icons - they needed it bad and I was ready for the challenge (because I did not think it would be one!!).

Did I mention I assumed it would take me like 5 minutes. (Well you know what they say about assuming...)

I chose something basic - I am trying to have a cleaner look - and thought I would be at my sewing machine (oops I mean the stove) in no time. But nope.

Downloaded it and unzipped it no problem thank you to Carrie Loves. BUT with all the phone calls and sick kids bugging me and the cat meowing and the wind blowing it took me forever to get the layout the way I liked it.  Mostly - because I was doing some lazy coding and I am easily distract!

Done now though and a huge improvement!  Click on some of the links and follow me!!

:) Tina


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