Sunday, October 20, 2013

31 Days of Pinterest, days 13 through 20

That's right, you guessed it I got nothing!

Let me just fill you in a little on my week and maybe you will have some pity for me. Or maybe you will just tell me to suck it up...

I worked WAY more than I normally would.  Long story short - the (crooked) guy that my employer purchased the building and contents from 2 years ago caused us some major issues this week and last.  This week was worse.

Last week we were waiting for the ball to drop - this week it did.

If you are reading this and you are local, if you went and liked this page to spread the word about our new phone number I would be really grateful.

And we were tired and stressed and by the time I got home each night it was all I could do to stay awake. Sometimes being a grown up and having a job sucks. Sometimes I much prefer my stay at home job of mothering, sewing and blogging - although the pay is crap there is virtually no stress.  Anyway...

That is the main reason, throw is a the new pups and the day to day and my time is all sucked up.

I did a lot of pinning... but nothing I am going to use any time soon.

Well, maybe this for the Little Man for Christmas.  He will not find it funny - buy CH and I will.  Oh, yes we will.

Last Sunday we went and looked at a house.  Perhaps a bit of a mistake but also a big eye opener.  Most of this weeks pins were kitchens.  We are going to be doing some work to this house and stay.  So much more house for our money even though it is not in my dream neighbourhood.

K.  So am I am going to force myself to list a few more things on my Etsy supplies site and then go sew.  I am feeling a little tense today because as of today I am a single parent for the week, these dogs are driving me crazy and and and..

Sewing always helps. :)

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