Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days of Pinterest, Days 21 and 22

CH is away and I have been feeling like a proper house wife. Cooking and cleaning and content to stay at home taking care of my family and getting things done.

This morning I came to the realization that I really seem to have a mental block when it comes to CH being home and my ability to get things done.  I suppose subconsciously, I feel like if he isn't doing anything but what he wants (sleeping) then why would I be cleaning out the fridge or washing the floors?  It is not really okay and I need to work on that. I have an appointment on Wednesday. ;)

So what has been happening around here?

Well, Baby J was born.

J for Josephine since The Mouth's actual name is Josh and The Boss' actual name Jamie I suppose they thought it would be cute to keep the J theme going - and it is.  I have to wonder if they will name subsequent children with J's as well.  Subsequent children?  perhaps I am getting a little ahead of myself!

Strangely, I think she looks like her mother.  First Ihas in history to not look like an Ihas, but still cute as a button. LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair.

I am very much looking forward to meeting her but at the same time I am a little terrified.  I will save that drama for another day.
So what else?  Nothing Pinterest worthy I am afraid.  I have been trying to do some de-cluttering.  With CH gone, it is easier to throw stuff in the trash or take it to the Sally Ann - when he is here we tend to feed off of each other's hoarding tendencies. ;)

Yesterday I loaded up a black garbage bag full of miscellaneous junk I still had in bins and what not from the shop.  That's right.  The shop. The one I closed a year ago and I am just now finding the time to sort through stuff.  Maybe a little part of it is that I didn't have the heart for it and now I just want a clean, clutter free home!

So, I might make some cookies today.  (The little man asked me to, we shall see if I can find the time.)  If I do, I will be using this best every chocolate chip cookie recipe from Martha Stewart.

They are so good it hurts but they are so very very bad.  Pretty much sugar, butter and, as The Little Man said, fry it and you are done. In my house we call them Auntie Surely's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They are so, so good.  I dare you to eat just one.

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