Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days of Pinterest, Day 8

OMG - I just logged onto Pinterest and got a very disturbing message that said that something went wrong and they lost their engineers.  (Okay it said they notified them but that is not what I read!!) I had a little bit of a heart attack.  Not even kidding.

To loose all of the information I have hoarded and gathered and loved and nurtured would be devastating. Can you create a back up of your Pinterest Boards???  Then I would need a back up of the back up.  So paranoid!

(Aside:  I am a horrible speller - like super bad (although I do know one other grown, otherwise intelligent person who is worse). I just proof read and realized that I had typed (and spell checked to) neutered instead of nurtured!)

So today's pin is another exciting one (for me anyway!).  I am going to be assisting in teaching a class at the beginning of November and am going to make my sample tonight.  Its been a while since I wore that hat but I am looking forward to it!

This is the lovely and talented Krista, from Miija Threads, sample.  Mine will be the same fabrics in a different colour way. I will probably never get around to taking a photo so I will steal to Krista's when I am done. :)
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