Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days of Pinterest, Day 23

Thank God - thank who? - it's Wednesday! I am somewhat off the hook.

I have about 900 tabs open - all of them Pinterest - and here is why.

I am taking a class through Skill Share to learn how to use Illustrator and was looking for a vintage ad to recreate for the class and somehow (wink wink) I kind of got off on a tangent.

You know how Pinterest is... never ending.  One thing leads to another and suddenly the kids are walking in the door after school - which means it is almost 3 - and you have done nothing but sit on your fat Mumma butt pinning away.

Maybe you laughed a little over the cute puppies or the silly kids or the tongue in cheek Atheist humour (I started a new board today).

Maybe you cried a little because you wished your house was decorated nicely with all of those amazing DIYs you pinned. (Evil Pinterest!)

Maybe you made big plans to be more productive tomorrow.


No matter what.  DO NOT DO IT!

Tomorrow when the kids head out the door to school resist the temptation.

You can refinish you dining room table from memory while something delicious (made with a recipe from pinterest) simmers in your crock pot.

I have been sitting on my fat Mumma but for TWO hours and I am pulling the plug... in a minute...

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