Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 Days of Pinterest, Days 5 and 6

Give me a break, I am busy woman! My Dad would ask - arm or a leg? ;)

So... I don't really have much for you.  Friday night we went to the Smokies game and them yesterday I was at a craft fair and then last night Smokies again... I haven't come up with much today either, I have been busy making chilli (I should post my recipe sometime cause I make and another batch of Cheesy Veggy Chowder.

Let's call this day 6: I added a fancy (well,okay nicer, maybe fancy is a little exaggeration) signature to the bottom of my posts!  Thanks to the tutorial from Her & Nicole, that I have pinned on Blogs for Bloggers board. I am excited to use more of the pins I have on that Board while I grow my blog - there is so much information to be collected.

On that note, Pinterest really is the ideal spot for information hoarders such as myself to hoard their information.  Pinterest is such an enabler.

On day 5 I killed some fruit flies. This works, honest.  This summer was really bad for fruit flies in my house (which I later discovered the reason for) and someone mentioned this on Facebook so, I pinned it, I tried it and it worked like a charm.

I guess I better go and work on some future pins.  maybe something a little less mundane. :)

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