Monday, April 30, 2012

I Am a Sensitive Kind of Guy

I need to re-post about last nights events.  I spoke out of anger - a lot of anger - I was defending my child.  I may have said some things that - although true - were really none of anybody's business.  I did not expect any sort of retaliation - he was the one who was horrible to my son, I am the one who has the right to be angry. Not him.

I know that sometimes I can go off a little more than I should...  but I always, always, do my very best to take the feelings of others into consideration.  My May 12, 2011 post could have been so much worse, had I said what I actually think. What I was actually feeling at the time. I am sorry if I have offended anyone to the point of them feeling that they need to lash out and hurt back. Grow up.  Put on your big kid pants and play like an adult.

And above all else, be NICE!

:o( Tina


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