Friday, April 20, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's official. Two weeks in a row I am a terrible blogger.  This week my only excuse is that I have been doing real work when I am at my computer - I am finally conquering my pile and can see more of my office floor everyday!  :o)

1. Today is a great day because, everyday that I am alive and well and that my loved ones are alive and well is a good day and worth being grateful for.

2. Tomorrow I will be chillin' at the Bloomin' Creative craft fair. Come see me and my new owls!

Missing cute image of owls.  Stupid blogger.

3. My favorite time of day is the evening because it is the only time I get to really relax and be creative however I want to be.

4. Sometimes you just have to throw your head up and laugh at sky. Not for any reason - it just feels good!

5. A song that I just can't get enough of lately is "Give in to Me" from the movie Country Strong. The movie wasn't great but the sound track is fabulous. This song in particular. Love it.

Missing YouTube video of fabulous song.  Stupid blogger.

6. My favorite accessory is my kids! I love to take them with me everywhere I go. :o)

Who wouldn't want this handsome guy to everywhere with them.  :o)
7. My favorite thing about this week was taking Penelope to Walking Like the Big Girls, an event where girls her age (4-8) get to spend a couple of hours with the current ambassador (Miss Trail) and the coming year's candidates. PITA curled her hair and CH drove for an hour to buy her a dress that I saw last week when I was in Nelson. She looked amazing and I was SO proud of her. I love my boys but having a daughter is fabulous.

After PITA had performed her magic with the straightening (?) iron.

Before the curls, looking like a teenager (named John!)

Well, I really do need to get sewing. Maybe I will post tomorrow, but I am not making any promises!

xx :o) Tina


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