Wednesday, January 25, 2012


First of all, THANK YOU Jen and PITA.  You are single (double) handedly making this SO much easier for me.  It has been a really hard decision to scale things down - I am not saying bad, only hard, and both have you have made it significantly easier.

Second, do you think that $108 is too much to spend on whiteboards to make a wall into a calender in my newly painted beautiful office? I am not so sure I do.  I am also going to buy a new chair, it is pink, for $250.  I am going to wait and see how the week goes, but I really want to.  Jen is the most amazing sales person ever (maybe because she practically gives stuff away) so my chances are good. Did I mention, the white boards are also magnetic...

Third, I am so excited for a new(ish) start.  Please God, let my new plan work better than the old one did. Please.  I will be so sad if I have to give up the dream altogether and this one seems so much more comfortable and feels so much more right - and the best part is that I don't have to beg, borrow or go into debt to create it - it will rise from the ashes of the old dream.

Fourth, I am excited but I am also nervous.  I do not want to be forced to sacrifice time with my kids to make money in a rigid, scheduled environment.  The thought of having an employer TERRIFIES me and I am not exaggeration.  Scares the beans out of me.  For real.

Fifth, I want this (and the yummy looking cold coffee drink inside of it) but I am SO not paying $7.99. If you have ever seen it anywhere for less, please let me know.

Sixth, PITA and I have been working hard at painting and creating an inviting and functional new space and have found a lot of really good ideas on Pinterest.  PITA LOVES to organize things so I am going to get her going on a few more projects such as these...

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

I will post some pictures of the new space when I ahve found my camera - I packed it and my trusty side kick, iPhone, doesn't do it justice.

Talk to you soon,  :o)  Tina


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