Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meet Jerry!

I first met Jerry when he was about eight weeks old and Santa and I met to make sure that I would be okay with having a Guinea Pig come live with us (actually it was my idea but Santa agreed).  He was so stinkin' cute, how could anyone not say yes!!

After only a few days, he is very comfortable with us and already yells at us when he wants attention or treats (I never thought I would see anyone love a carrot more than Penelope).  He is very snugly and friendly and calm - the perfect pet for a nine year old boy with a gentle heart.  :o)

I didn't really know anything about Guinea Pigs until after my meeting with Santa.  I did a lot of reading online and now have a couple weeks experience and so far, he is a little more work than the fish but he is way more low maintenance than the dogs and the cats.... unless of course you do not like to snuggle warm little creatures who love to snuggle with you.  If you were a person who needed to feel loved but did not want a dog, I would highly recommend these little creatures.

Apparently they prefer to live with other Guinea Pigs so we are going to create a bigger cage and get him a friend - a boy friend NOT a girl friend!

This is Jerry sewing PITA's Christmas gift with me.  We made her an owl bag from some old guy's suit jacket that I thrifted from the Sally for $4.  Pretty stoked about that...

:o)  Tina

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  1. Jerry is so sweet!! I had never had a guinea pig until one of my sons fell in love with them and talked me into a pair. In our case, it was Bubble and Annie. Bubble looked like she could be a cousin of Jerry. And I agree, they are so sweet. And their little noises are unforgettable. We used to say we wanted a "Guinea Pig Ranch" so they could live outdoors and keep our yard clipped!!

    I hope you get as much enjoyment as we did!!


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