Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stumbled Upon

Felt like I needed to write up a post.  Didn't feel very inspired.  Went to Pinterest.  Inspiration problem solved.  This is what I found. :o)

Love this.  I might make one for the door of the shop. Everyone needs a little something every now and then and this will at least provide them with a smile.

Source: facebook.com via Mandy on Pinterest

So badly want to get this for the smoker of my Christmas list but I am pretty sure she would not see the humor in it. :o)

This is SO me. I am ridiculous. When I am not running from the imaginary things in the basement I am actually quiet normal. I think.  But then again, if you think you are crazy then you  probably aren't.  :o)

Source: facebook.com via Tina on Pinterest

I would like to make one of these before the shorties hands are bigger than mine. The Little Man is quickly turning into the Medium Man. :o)

I would like to plan my whole house around this table runner. Although most days you would not be able to see past all of the kid junk to see it! It is so pretty and crafy and I love it.

I gotta go to bead. My eyelids are suddenly not wanting to stay in their correct position.

:o) Tina


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