Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Way Back - Things I Saw or Thought About on the Road

1. Stop signs in the prairies are twice the size of ours at home. I'm not even joking. It's nuts.

2. The foothills near Turner Valley are beautiful in October. I thought Turner Valley was a city. I was wrong.

Alberta foothills in October

3. Long drives on easy roads make me sleepy.

4. The best time of year to travel in the evening is hunting season. Apparently the East Kootenay and Albertan wildlife is smart enough to lay low, we haven't seen so much as squirrel on the way home.

5. Rest stops in BC out number rest stops in Alberta like 8 to 1, even though in Alberta you need them to wake up!

6. It was snowing in Longview Alberta. It was freakin' cold in Sparwood. After being so nice in Calgary it was a shock to my bare arms!

grey wolf at Bass Pro Shop
A beautiful (stuffed dead?!) wolf - one of many.
7. There was a giant cowboy in a field in Alberta and Paul Bunyan in some trees in BC.

8. Pedestrians in Alberta never look. I mean never. Ever. They just walk. What if the driver doesn't look either? I had like 12 mini strokes while in Calgary because of this.

9. Cross Iron Mills is an amazing mall with a really interesting hunting and fishing store called the Bass Pro Shop (amazing, but creepy) store with lots of stuffed dead things all over the place. In some ways I enjoyed it more than the zoo as the animals were too dead to be bored and sad.

Doe (?) elk above the gun sales area.
10.  My Shorties are were so amazing all the way there, all the way home and almost every minute of in between.  :o)

The bottom line is, I much prefer my province. Alberta is a nice place to visit but coming home to the mountains and proper sized trees is a wonderful thing.

Looking forward to work tomorrow - LOVE my new job. :)

:o) Tina

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