Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 2. We Are Here

1. The zoo in Vancouver is bigger and flatter than the zoo Calgary but Calgary is more interactive and has more variety. The dinosaur park sucks in October and there was garbage everywhere. (Not cool Alberta) The enclosures are way bigger in Vancouver - way - which is better for the animals but less exciting for the people. I think Calgary also has more animals. Over all it was enjoyable but very surreal. I enjoyed it but felt a lot of the animals seemed bored and listless, especially the predators.

2. I was worried I would be too cold and I am boiling!! It has been beautiful here today.

3. Soap dispensers are tourist attractions to a seven year old.

4. My child's 'adult' relationship is a difficult pill for me to swallow. It's going to be so much worse when the child is mine biologically and I have raised them from birth.

5. I am pooped.

:o) Tina

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