Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 1. On the Road

Worth noting from the road:

1. The Salmo Creston pass (officially Kootenay Pass) was beautiful as always. It is a majestic pass, very high up. You go straight up to the top of the mountain and then straight back down. (I always distract myself taking pictures of the beautiful scenery so that I am not freaking out about driving at the edge of a cliff!)

2. The post office in Yahk is in a mobile home.

3. The Shorties rock. No fighting and no complaining. Partly because they are excited to see their brother. Partly because they are use to road trips and tolerate the ride. Partly because they are just amazing little people.

4. Strange conversations: Is daylight savings time transcontinental?

5. Apparently road trippin' agrees with me. I just bought a faux leather jacket. So not my style but it once was so I took a chance. I bought a WHITE hoodie to go under it. Well it is actually cream but the fact is, it isn't black and that is amazing for me!

6. They have huge candy bags at the gas station in Windemere and steeped tea is $.10 more in Invemere than home.

7. I am tired and I'm going live with my post. Talk to you in the morning. :)

:o) Tina

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