Friday, October 26, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's Friday - how can that even be. This week, like all the rest sped by.  I am looking forward to the weekend and getting stuff done in preparation to moving my shop home. :o)

This week I made a dozen little owls, two whales, three owl bags, most of a messenger bag - none of which have had their picture taken yet.  :o)

I am very excited for the next chapter!

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. My favorite feeling in all the world is the feeling of my family's hugs. Penelope with her little shoulders and arms like licorice whips and her big heart. The Little Man with his bear hugs and his too wise for his age ways. CH and and his comforting 'safe place' hugs. Pretty much love the hugs - but the kiss are pretty great too.

2. My favorite smell(s) is (are) gardenia, clean laundry (from my own house), (Body Shop) vanilla and breast fed baby breath (don't pass judgement on me, it smells so good. Penelope use to suck on my nose and it was the best smell ever).

3. My favorite taste is salty. Hands down. I also am very appreciative of savoury.

4. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was... I should say my children or something along those lines - and they really are exceptionally beautiful but I always talk about them and when I read the blank the first thing that came to my mind was once when we all took a drive though the Pend Orielle road the summer after there was a huge forest fire. It was early evening and the light was perfect. The tress where all black and the grass and low growing plants that had come back were the most bright amazing green I have ever seen in nature. You could actually see the rays of the sun coming out of the sky. it was the kind of thing that would make a person believe in God.

5. The best sound ever is my children laughing together - although Penelope singing to herself all the time is a pretty close second. The love you feel for your children is so amazing and powerful - I feel compassion toward people who do not have children, by choice or not. To miss out on the magnitude of over whelming love would be so devastating.

6. A smell that reminds me of my childhood is rain on hot pavement, and the river in the summer heat.

7. My favorite of all the senses is sense of sight or sense of touch - I can't decide. I love to see beautiful things as much as I love to feel them. If I was forced to decide.  I f I had not choice?  Well, if I had a choice between never touching Penelope's cheek again or never seeing it, I would have to give up the sight. If I had a choice between never feeling a safe secure embrace from CH or never seeing him - I am going with the hug. You get the idea. I guess I decided, didn't I.  :o)

Have a wonderful Friday.  I'm off to the game!

:o) Tina


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