Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Block Swap Adventure

I joined a block swap - which I should have waited to do until fall but I am hoping that the recipients will love  the blocks I am sending enough that they won't be too upset with me.

The first block I sent was this one, you can read a posting about it on the Block Swap Blog. Lana (the recipient) was very complimentary.  :o) When I sent it I worried that it would be too bright and too much...

Iris Quilt Block Daffodil Quilt Block Block Swap

Daffodil Quilt Block Block Swap

Iris Quilt Block Block Swap

And then, I was lucky enough to received these beauties - I so badly want a scarp 54-40 quilt and I also grateful to be part of the swap because now I have others to add to my blocks, of which I have made none.

54 40 or Fight Quilt Block
This sweet block will be perfect in my quilt -
thank you Jen Dickson !
This bold and beautiful block was sewn for me
by Lana Dunkerley. Thank you Lana!

If I had blog addressed for these lovely ladies, I would link them up...  I looked, got side tracked for like an hour and found lots of other sites I might like to do block swaps with and then came back with nothing.  Hmmm. Anyway, this is the block I completed last night to return to Jen.  I hope she likes it - it was A LOT of work cutting all those little squares.  It took me three nights to cut and one to sew - granted I work at the speed of snail.

:o)  Tina


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