Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sorry.  I have been busy. And quite honestly a little bi-polar and didn't want to spread it around.  I have a loan that I cannot afford the payments for and need to re-do my mortgage so that I can afford to live in my house and work this low (read no) pay job and I am super stressed about it as my credit (thanks to a divorce and then starting a business in a downward spiraling economy) is in the toilet...  see this is why no post.  Hate to be grumpy and complain - dump my crap in your lap  - so I was avoiding BUT Nag (my new name for Jen) keeps asking (nagging, some might say) about a new post and since I have been slacking I have been starting to worry that you won't want come to read anymore. Don't worry I have an appointment with my councilor tomorrow.

Aside:  I have tell you I am sitting at my desk in my new pink office (thank you PITA) surrounded by a huge mess of stuff (thank you again, PITA) that needs to be unpacked and sorted through and at the same time straightening my hair, using my iPhone as a mirror. And those who know me think I can't multitask!  (which is true in the case of chewing gum)  :o)

So I have been a bit gloomy but I have taken a few really great photos with my iPhone and the help of Instagram.  See....

On Monday CH cooked dinner for the whole family... grilled cheese.  Yummy.

We gave all the rooms at the new shop names, this is the fabric room.

First finished quilt to leave the new shop.  It was a kit put together by one of our
Wilters and machine quilted by me.

This is the hallway at the shop which leads to the notions room , the needlework
room, my office and the family room.  We call it the magical hallway.

Outside the family room window last Friday night after Quilt Til You Wilt.

The Sports Hall of Fame at the Trail Memorial Centre

The dark corner of the fabric room....  CH just brought a really cool
old light to hang in this corner... 
So Nag, hope you are satisfied.

:o)  Tina


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