Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Way Back Machine

 I am the one with crazy eyes and the big ridiculous grin.
This would have been in 1990 or early 1991,
as I am wearing my Grad jacket. Too Funny!
I just woke up and had to write.  I have not been sleeping well - at all - the last month or so as I have been in a bit of a financial crisis which is nearing completion (fingers crossed).  Last night I slept amazingly well.  And I had the best dream.

I dreamt that I was partying (not really doing anything - just hanging out around a bon fire of our own creation away from the "grown-ups") with my old friends, and my new friends, the way we used to way back when nobody had any responsibility, or kids, or jobs with pressure, or husbands (with pain issues or who are gravely ill).

I feel great! Nothing like a trip in the Way Back Machine to energize you and make you feel the same invincibility you felt when you were a teenager.  Today is going to be a fabulous day!!


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