Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How I Know My Husband Secretly Hates Me (or at least wants to make me so crazy I will be committed)

Haven't posted in a while and I not going to make lame excuses. I just have not had anything interesting to say.

(Frankly 2014 has sucked and I haven't had anything fun to write and I was not interested in starting anymore family feuds with my eloquently written words. That, and posting with my iPad has not turned out to be as fabulous as I imagined it would be.)

But then there it was.

CH giving me something harmless to talk about. Or complain about. You can decide.

We went through his clothes to donate what he doesn't wear - three garbage bags later, I left the room. My work was done.

Pfft.  Perhaps not!

Go to bed last night and there they are.

All the hangers from the clothes he donated on the bed.

This is the kind of shit that leads to divorce.

Or at the very least some serious mock strangulation.


  1. At least they are all in one place. My DH leaves them all over the house! Good luck with the hangers.

  2. I suppose, if one looks, they can always find even a faint silver lining. :)

  3. LOL see you forgot to get him to follow through!


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