Monday, February 24, 2014

Pinterest Monsters

So the other day PITA Facebooks me a message. She needs a favour.

Her oldest son, my cute-y pa-tootie nephew has his first loose tooth.  She needs a tooth fairy pillow stat.

She hinted that she was going to do it herself but we all know, that that hint was her beating around the bush because she wanted to ask me.

I put an end to it and offered. Not because she wanted me to but because I did!

I had seen monster tooth pillows on Pinterest - even had one pinned - so I had a general idea of what I wanted to do.

The Pinterst Version

Turns out it was a very quick and easy project.

I did not use the tutorial at The Long Thread (obviously) as the photo was enough for me, but it looks like it would be helpful if need be. I just had a look at it, and the tutorial cuts the body out at 6 1/2" square and mine was 8".  I am happy with the result and am not one for following instructions.

(Aside:  I took a left brain right brain test yesterday.  I scored 71% right brained.  The results of the test suggested that I need to work on my left brain skills. Eeck!)

I used a royal blue sweater I had cut up for owl making, some interfacing (to keep the sweater from stretching), a scrap of wool felt for the teeth, eyes I had ready to go for the owls, a couple of buttons and a scrap of orange fabric (inside the mouth) and got it done within a half an hour!

My Version

Pretty cute, eh?

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