Thursday, February 27, 2014

Patience, Like Curry, Not Really My Thing

I ordered new labels the other night and I am DYING to have them right now!

I had to wait to order them to catch up from Christmas (because my Shorties are spoiled rotten and suck all the money out of the bank and my wallet!!) and I have next to none left.  I have SO many projects that just need the label and to be sewn together and they are done!

Today, I am going to sew owl bums and bag openings closed and try - I said try - to get some decent photos done to list on Etsy.

It is a big step for me.

I know I just need to find my groove and once I do it will be fabulous! I wonder, is photography one of those things that I will always think someone does better than me and that mine sucks or does it legitimately suck??  Perhaps somewhere in between.

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