Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Plans for a New Year

I do not make resolutions I make goals.  Goals are something I can work with - toward - resolutions are like rules and I have never been good with that. ;)

This year, I am going to bring this family over the line into financial security.  We are not 'insecure' now, but sometimes we walk the line.  I want to look over my should and see the line - well, perhaps not looking back because you should never do that,  but knowing it is back there - way back there.

One of the things I am going to do to achieve that financial  goal is to de-clutter my home!  Something I have been taking baby steps toward since summer.  I want to start really making a go of my Etsy shops - both the stuff and the things I make. I have so much stuff that I saved from my bricks and mortar shop to sell, in 2014 I am making the time to do it!

Another goal I have in to buy a new camera.  (The stupid line is a factor here too!) I have to save to do it. We do not have and extra $450 (that is how much the one I want will be, roughly) sitting in a corner collecting dust, I am not willing to take the money from our family budget, and we stay away from credit cards.  So I will save up.

And when I do, Krista at Miija Threads and I will be collaborating on a series of amazing photography tutorials to help me learn.  It is going to be fabulous!

I am feeling a little better today.

On Monday I am having brunch with two of my friends from the old days. One of whom I have not seen in almost 13 years - she was my best friend.  I am terrified.
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My sweet old dog.  Being patient as the
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