Monday, December 2, 2013

Seems Like I am Always in Action

I have been so busy selling what I make that I have not had time to talk about it!

Nag and I went to an amazing craft market in beautiful Nelson BC, the Kootenay Artisan Market,  and made a suitcase full of money.  Been attending lots of smaller, less lucrative ones as well.  Lots.  I have attended at least 2 a month since May and I am pooped! Ready to sew something new rather than what I know I will sell.  I have lots of ideas brewing!

I was at the local mall this last weekend.  It is probably the quietest of all the markets I attend but at is organized by father and brother in law it is not optional.  Two more to go and I can rest. :)
My table at the Kootenay Artisan Market looked so good!  It had to be against the wall, which is new for me, and I was worried but it was actually better than when I am behind the table and I was unable to get away with hiding which I think worked in my favour.

I went out on Saturday night for the first time in ages.  I was so hung over it was disgraceful - but funny - and my spirits were still up so it was all good.  It was a good thing I had Nag with me to take care of me. I am so often thankful for her and I am not just saying that because I know she read this. ;)

Anyway, I better get back to work.
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