Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wishful Wednesday.

If I had a boat load of money and more time than I currently seem to be able to find in a day I would buy a local hotel and turn it into a crafting mecca!

I have had this pipe dream for a few years and cannot seem to let it go.  Wishful - perhaps.  But if there was one thing that I have learned through my life is that everything starts out as a dream. The Union Hotel is about 15,000 square feet, has rooms that are currently used (to the best of my knowledge).  There is a restaurant and a bar.  The bar would be cleaned out to make room for the quilt/sewing/craft shop, the restaurant can stay.  The basement has meeting rooms which would be PERFECT for classes and seminars and (even better) group meetings!  It would be the perfect retreat centre....  ah what a sweet dream.....

I am a go getter.  I want it.  I get it.  Period.  Nothing ever seems to be handed to me though, I always have to work for it which makes it so much sweeter.  Having said that, my boat load of money has yet to arrive. 

Ahh, wishful on Wednesday...


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