Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fabulous Friday - Oops, I guess it is only Thursday....

My eight year old son is gone for the weekend (blended family situation, lots of gory details) so my daughter's BFF has come to spend the night.  The are so stinkin' cute together it is beyond ridiculous. 

They will both be 5 in May (Victoria on the 2nd and her BFF Trysta on the 17th) and they are so fun to be with.  We went for dinner and then shopping this evening.  We went to Ardene and tried on sun glasses and jewelery it was very fun. I loved to see how they both have their own personal style.

Victoria always goes for the feminine while Trysta leans more toward the funky.  Victoria's glass were pink (well at least pink!) while Trysta's where leopard print.


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